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About King Scaffolding

We hope you will find all the information you require. We have hundreds of satisfied clients. Partial list of our clients you can find on Clients tab of our website. We service Greater San Francisco Bay Area, California. We are well known for:
  • Quality Steel Scaffolds Materials
  • Timely Delivery of Services
  • All OSHA Approved equipment and materials
  • Guaranteed Prompt Removal
  • Highest Safety Standards

At King Scaffolding, we welcome projects of all types and have the expertise and experience to meet any need.
We have an excellent reputation for providing steel solutions for all types of construction works.
We operate throughout the Bay Area, with 90% of our business coming from San Francisco.
King Scaffolding belongs to the Scaffold Industry Association,
and our workers are professionally trained by The Scaffold Training Institute. Contractors license # 857583.

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